Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Consultants Refine Professional Skills

A specialized seminar of the PDPM training provides a refinement of consultant communication skill and knowledge to support the professional PDPM consultant or project manager.

Entitled as Advanced Communication Techniques, the tools provide the primary set of techniques to enhance every consultant’s communication effectiveness.

Based on a firm foundation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques and well-tested strategies, these skill sets are easily learned when practiced and transferred back to the job. These skill sets and strategies allow the participant to design a personalized approach to professional communication especially customized for the consultant performance environment.

The techniques target achieving evidence-based goals. This includes using verbal and body language to establish rapport in interactions, as well as detailed procedures to use for overcoming others resistance and resolving conflict. These techniques work well for one-on-one discussions or group presentations. Each participant selects an important client target and goals to work on during the seminar. Everyone develops a personalized action plan to achieve the stated outcomes. This serves as a means to practice and internalise the skills they have learned.

Pre and Post testing allow for confirmation of understanding of key concepts and knowledge:

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